Thursday, June 5, 2008

Classic Physique Supplements - Harold Poole

What kind of supplements did the champions of the Golden Era of Classic Physique Building use to build their great physiques? In the current issue of MuscleMag (July 08), there is a great interview with Harold Poole (Mr. America, Mr. Universe), one of the last non-drug users of the Golden Era, who placed 2nd in the first two Mr. Olympia contests against Larry Scott (1965, 1966 - some say he should have won in 1966). In the interview, he states the following: "I took wheat-germ oil, dessicated liver tablets, protein powder, and brewer's yeast." That's it! More evidence that one can build a spectacular, classic physique, without steroids and with a minimum of nutritional supplements. - Classic Physique Builder