Sunday, November 2, 2008

Look Good in Clothes with a Classic Physique!

(Above: Four Mr. Americas in Clothes (from left to right): Alan Stephan 1946, Clancy Ross 1945, George Eiferman 1948, Steve Reeves 1947)

Here is another big difference between the classic physiques of the Golden Age (the 1940s and 50s) and the hulk-like physiques of today - classic physiques look good in clothes!

Take a look at the above photo of the four Mr. Americas from 1945-48. They look great whether in suits or more casual clothes! If you saw these men in person, they would certainly look big & strong. You could definitely tell that they "built." Yet, they still present an attractive appearance.

This is the great thing about building a classic physique. You can look great in and out of clothes. Whether you are at the pool, on the beach, working out, or at school, work, or formal occassion - a classic physique is a winner in all circumstances!

During the Golden Age, as we have pointed out before, the mags promoted the ideal of building an attractive, healthy, classic physique that would increase your "sex appeal" and athletic abilities. What a difference that is from today's muscle mags that glorify the extreme physique!

So keep motivated and know that by building a classic physique, you will not have to sacrifice looking good in clothes! With a classic physique, you can indeed "have your cake and eat it too!" - CPB