Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Classic Physique of Steve Reeves: Healthy, Real, Balanced, and Inspirational!

(Photo above: Steve Reeves - Mr. Pacific Coast, Mr. America 1947, Mr. World 1948, Mr. Universe 1950)

The mainstream world of roid-based bodybuilding continues to disappoint and there are no signs that anything is changing soon!

It is sad that today when a person becomes interested in weight training and goes to the magazine rack to look at the modern muscle mags, all they see are unreal, unhealthy, unbalanced, and uninspirational physiques that don't even look naturally human! If you were simply to go to these modern muscle mags to learn about building your body, you wouldn't even know what a naturally, well-built, muscular body should look like!

Well, take a look at the picture of Steve Reeves above - there is your answer! He built his body with weights, good food, and rest (with no modern supplements). His physique is classic, healthy, real, balanced, and inspirational!

Yes...all it takes is appropriate weight training (Steve followed the best of the pre-roid, Golden Age methods), good wholesome & nutritious food (you can see what his diet was in our previous posts), and proper rest (he worked out with full body routines 3 times per week in order to give his body 4 days of complete rest for muscle growth).

- He didn't need to be in gym everyday with split routines.
- He didn't need roids or modern supplements.
- He didn't value the unhealthy, "shredded/ripped," cadaver-like look.
- He didn't need to sacrifice his health for the sake of a physique.
- He didn't have to look terrible in regular clothes.

Yet, he could just walk down the street and inspire admiring crowds to follow him!

Just look at him - healthy, happy, balanced, real, strong, and inspirational! Isn't this why most of us get into weight training? Wouldn't you want to have a physique that looks like that and radiates with health? Steve wanted to be the "healthiest man alive" - yes, he actually said that that was his goal! This is what it is all about!

So, stay true to the course and take your inspiration from the pre-roid Golden Age champs like Steve!

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