Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holiday Season to all Classic Physique Builders!

(Photo Above: Steve Reeves at 17 years of age - after about 1-2 years of training - a great inspiration to us all!)

Hi Everyone! Happy Holiday Season!

Just a short holiday message on Christmas Day 2009 - thanks to everyone who subscribed to CPBzine in 2009, participated in CPB Blog, CPBzine contributers, and to all CPB Blog Readers everywhere! Our numbers are growing and hopefully our message of natural, classic physique building will continue to reach a wider audience around the world!

Our next issue of Classic Physique Builder Zine (CPBzine) is scheduled to be released around Jan 15 2010 - so it will be the Winter 2010 issue (Vol 2, no 1). Everyone who subscribed to CPBzine in 2009 got all the 2009 issues. Although we said it was a 1 year, free subscription, we are extending it into 2010 (so there is no need for 2009 subscribers to renew your subscription). Those new subscribers who subscribe in 2010 will also get a free, 1 year subscription, but their subscription will begin with the Winter 2010 issue. We will make back issues available - but we will post an update about that when we get that worked out.

I will be taking a week break, beginning today and extending until Jan 2nd. I will be away from my computer, so feel free to continue to comment on any post, but the comments will probably not appear until Jan 2nd - when I return.

If you wish to subscribe to CPBzine before the New Year, please do so. If you subscribe in 2009, you will receive all the 2009 issues as well as the 2010 issues. I will process the subscriptions when I return on Jan 2, but your subscription will be entered based on the date of your email.

Again, thanks to everyone! It has been and continues to be a real pleasure to share a common interest in classic physique building with you all. It is my hope that more and more people turn away from roid-based bodybuilding and find natural, classic physique building as a healthy lifestyle. I think we've got a shot of making that come true - with your help!

All the best,

- CPB (Anthony)

P.S. If you would like a free, 1 year subscription to Classic Physique Builder Zine (CPBzine) - a pdf "zine" (do-it-yourself magazine) that is patterned after the muscle mags of the pre-roid Golden Age of Bodybuilding (the 1940s and 50s), just email your name, the name of your city (not your actual address), state/province, and country to That's it! Any info you send us is strictly confidential. We do not share info with anyone. So you will not get on any unwanted lists or receive any automated emails (even from us)!