Friday, May 30, 2008

Reg Park - Classic Physique Mass

Do you think that you cannot build mass naturally, without steroids? Take a look at Reg Park above. Reg built his mass naturally, before the use of steroids, and before the use of all the modern nutritional supplements we have today. Reg was 6'2" at 225lbs. He won the following titles: Mr Britain 1949, Mr Europe 1950, Mr Universe 1958, 1965. He went on to star as Hercules in 5 movies in the early 1960s. He competed up until the early 1970s and placed well against steroid-using bodybuilders half his age (e.g., placed 2nd in the Tall Class of the Mr. Universe NABBA 1973 Contest). He had plenty of mass, and yet still retained a classic physique! He should serve as an inspiration to us all! - Classic Physique Builder

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Johnny G said...

I remember Reg Parks on Bonanza years ago, he had to fight pudgy Dan Blocker, he made Blocker look tiny in the muscle department - what a contrast - he wore a sleeveless shirt and he looked unreal -but of course they did't want to make Blocker too weak so it was mostly a standoff