Thursday, July 3, 2008

Leroy Colbert - Classic Physique Mass

Not convinced that you can attain a massive, powerful, yet still classic physique? Take a look at Leroy Colbert (above). He was Mr. New York City, 1952 and Mr. Eastern America, 1953 and was well on his way to other titles until a motorcycle accident cut his competitive carreer short. He is credited as being the first bodybuilder with 20 inch arms. His physique is classic, yet massive. But, no "roid gut" here. No "hulk-like" cartoonish body. He was all natural, drug-free, and developed his physique well-before steroids reared their ugly head in the bodybuilding world. Leroy remains a great inspiration to all those who value and seek to build classic physiques! - CPB


Scott Storey said...

This is a superb blog. Congratulations and keep up the good work.


- CPB - said...

Thanks for your support!

We will do our best in promoting the classic physique ideal and preserving and passing on the info from the Golden Age that will help people attain that ideal in a healthy and natural way!

All the best - CPB

Anonymous said...

This stuff is great im glad that there is still some provided information on the golden age of bodybuilding

keep up the good work

- CPB - said...

Thanks Anonymous!

We will do our best to bring you good information from the Golden Age of Classic Physique Building (the 1940s and 50s)!

The Golden Age may have passed away in the mainstream world of bodybuilding, but it still lives on for those of us who value and want to build a classic physique - one that looks natural, healthy, muscular, strong, and symmetrical.

Since we live in the "Information Age," we no longer have to be captive to the mainstream magazines to get our information. We can get the info from the Golden Age ourselves and share it with all those who have a similar interest. In that way, we can together create a Renaissance of Classic Physique Building and perhaps a new Golden Age!

Thanks for your support! - CPB

Johnny G said...

So 20"inch arms are classic physique? OK!