Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mainstream Bodybuilding Ideal - Cartoons!

Above: Ronnie Coleman - Mr Olympia (Left), He-Man Cartoon Character (Right)

Check out our new video on mainstream bodybuilding's ideal (see the video side bar)! We weren't kidding in our last post when we said that the goals and ideals of classic physique building are totally different from that of mainstream, drug-enhanced, bodybuilding. Hear for yourself that the drug-users' idols are cartoon characters like "He-man," the "X-men," and "The Thing" (from the Fantastic Four).

No wonder their physiques look "cartoonish" (see photos above)! And to think that the only way they can achieve this worthy (?) goal is by pumping their bodies full of steroids, HGH, insulin and other health-destroying drugs! What are they thinking?

At the beginning of the clip, you can see the large "roid guts" of the top contendors. At the end of the clip, you get a few seconds of the tradegy of women's mainstream bodybuilding and fitness competition.

To our point - classic physique building and modern, mainstream bodybuilding are very different in their ideals and goals! It is said that Steve Reeves not only aspired to attain a classic physique, but he also wanted to be the healthiest man alive! By the way, his idol was John Grimek - another classic physique champion. What a difference indeed! - CPB


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on your blog and I think it is great, it's refreshing to find someone out there that is saying what I think most of us feel, modern bodybuilding has lost its way and the classic physique should be the ideal and a healthy lifestyle the goal.

- CPB - said...

Thanks for your support!

We think its time to start a classic physique building movement as the rightful heir to the Golden Age. We don't need to plead with the extremists of mainstream bodybuilding to "turn back" or to delude ourselves into thinking that one day sanity will return to mainstream bodybuilding. The "genie is out of the bottle" in that world and it won't be going "back in." So, they can have it (the mags, contests, associations, etc).

However, we can build our own healthy, aesthetics-oriented movement. We have the history, tools, means, and methods. It is just up to us to create it! What are we waiting for? The pieces are there. We just have to put them together with the support of like-minded people!

All the best! - CPB

fasteddy said...

I really agree with your philosophy.I do not think most people doing bodybuilding can identify with the present Mr. Olympia's.If by magic I could look like a champion bodybuilder it would not be a current Mr. Olympia.
All the best:
Ed Sousa

- CPB - said...

Yes...we agree. We believe that most people who are weight training in the gyms and fitness centers want a healthy, attractive physique that looks classic. Most of us would be "MORE THAN HAPPY" to have a physique like Reeves, Eiferman, Park, Ross or any of those champions in the pre-steroid era. These champions were true role models that anyone could look up to and strive to emulate without endangering their health.