Sunday, September 14, 2008

Classic Physique Champion - Clancy Ross!

Meet Classic Physique Champion Clancy Ross (photo above) - Mr. America 1945, Mr. Pro America 1946, Mr. USA 1948. Clancy was known as "King of the Bodybuilders" back in the Golden Age (the 1940s and 50s). He was born in 1923 and passed away this year at the age of 85.

There are many good things we could say about Clancy. In addition to being a champion, he owned his own gym and wrote articles for Joe Weider's Your Physique, Muscle Power, and Muscle Builder mags. He competed against the likes of Alan Stephan, George Eiferman, and Steve Reeves and was one of the few to beat Steve Reeves in a contest.

Just look at his classic physique! It is powerful, muscular, symmetrical, and yet attractive. There is no hint of over-development or extreme definition. He is in no way fat. He has muscular definition, yet he doesn't look like an "airbrush-tanned, dissecting-room cadaver". Instead, his skin and entire physique has a healthy glow! His physique is reminescent of a classical Greek god! It is in no way "cartoonish." He is a great role model for aspiring, classic physique builders of today!

Now take a second look at his incredible physique and realize that at the time of this photo, modern nutritional supplements (like creatine, NO and testosterone boosters, pump enhancers, anabolic agents, fat burners, etc) did not exist! Even protein powders did not exist at that time. The first protein powders for bodybuilders didn't appear until 1950-51! All they had, up until that time, was proper training, proper nutrition, and proper rest. How's that for an "eye-opener?"

There is something else you can see in the photo. He is pictured holding a classical Greek column. This shows you that the classical ideal was clearly valued in the Golden Age. It was a healthy ideal which inspired the Golden Age and one which can still inspire us today! - CPB


Sanchez Roman said...

This is great! I have long been searching the Internet for people who were into the classic physique and not today's 'roid monster builds or the spindly natural bodybuilding types. I am with you in your desire to bring back the Golden Age of bodybuilding to the world!

- CPB - said...

Hi Sanchez,

Welcome to CPB! I'm glad you like CPB Blog!

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So welcome again and please take advantage of the free subscrpition to CPBzine! We hope that our classic physique movement will continue to spread around the world as a healthy, inspirational alternative to unhealthy, roid-based bodybuilding!

All the best,

CPB (Anthony)