Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ben Weider: Classic Physique Builder and Golden Age Giant (1923-2008)

(Photo above: Ben Weider - Classic Physique Builder and Golden Age Giant)

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Ben Weider, who passed away (in October, 2008) from an undisclosed illness at the age of 85 in Montreal, Canada. Ben, along with his brother Joe, was instrumental in establishing the Golden Age of Classic Physique Building in the 1940s and 50s.

Although others (like Bob Hoffman, Perry Rader, and all the champs, etc) also played an important role in the Golden Age, no one can deny that Joe and Ben Weider, with their magazines (Your Physique, Muscle Power, Muscle Builder, Mr. America, etc), exercise equipment, supplements, muscle building courses, their federation - the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders), and their tireless promotion of the benefits of weight training played an important and even pivotal role in sustaining the Golden Age through two decades.

Joe and Ben were a team. Joe was the creative force and Ben's role was promotion - in particular, the promotion of their federation (IFBB) founded in 1946 and bodybuilding (then, it was truly classic physique building) in general.

Although Joe and Ben would preside over the downfall of classic physique building with the advent of steroids (in the 1960s), we (at CPB) nevertheless recognize their great achievements in the Golden Age - which never would have been the same without them.

Ben was also a Napoleanic scholar and made important contributions in historical studies. We are truly sorry to see him pass and salute his good work and accomplishments! He was a classic physique builder (as you can see from his photo above) and truly a giant of the Golden Age.


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