Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Steve Reeves - Mr World 1948 French Documentary!

(Above Photo: Steve Reeves, Mr. America 1947, Mr. World 1948, Mr. Universe 1950)

We just posted the French documentary (called "The Most Beautiful Man in the World") showing Steve Reeves at the time of the 1948 Mr. World contest (see our sidebar to the right of your screen). The documentary is shown in two parts. Part 2 is the only one with Steve Reeves in it. It is at the top of the video bar. Part 1 is just below it (but does not have Steve Reeves in it). The bottom two clips (of the Long Beach City Council) we couldn't remove - so please disregard it.

In the Part 2 clip, Steve is shown beginning at 2:41 minutes and for the rest of the clip. He is first shown oiling up for his exhibition. Then he demonstrates some exercises (military press, french press, rowing, pullovers, and some exercises with rocks). After that, he does some posing and then the events of the Mr. World contest are shown.

It is a great clip and it is rare to see film of Steve during his competition days. So we hope you enjoy it! Once you click on the top box for the Part 2 clip, it may take a while to load - so just be patient.


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brendon patrick said...

This is the old film I saw which I mentioned in the last post!! Notice as Steve is oiling up. At one point his abs appear with no effort! What a graceful and symetrical physique.
This is the first time I had seen moving pictures of Steve, seeing only still photos before, and was very impressed.
Thanks for putting the video clips on CPB.


- CPB - said...

Hi Brendon, is quite an incredible film! Sometimes still pictures just do not convey the full impressiveness of a classic physique. For example, when you see many photos of Steve, if you didn't know better, you might think he didn't have good ab definition. But the film clip really makes it clear! His abs were quite impressive - even more so when you know that he never specifically trained his abs!

For those looking for more film clips of Steve, there is a DVD you can buy called "The Golden Era of Bodybuilding, The Classic Collection #1" which has more, rare clips of Steve posing. Perhaps someone can provide us with a link to an online store that carries this DVD.

Of course, his physique can be seen in many of his movies - which are all available on DVD. Even though he had to lose weight for many of these roles, his physique is still impressive! In "Hercules Unchained" his weight actually looks greater than his competition weight.

Thanks for your comments! It was your comment that inspired us to post the clip. That's why we say that CPB Blog Readers enrich CPB Blog with their participation!

All the best,


Ibrahim said...

There you have it. The CPB´s were unique atheltes. Everybody was unique in his way and what he could do. Not only their bodies, there were characters and avabilties at this time. Which we won´t see again i think. Or very rarely. Great clip

Anonymous said...

great video thanks

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a great clip. Does anyone know of any footage that might have been shot of him winning the 1950 Mr. Universe title? He looked absolutely godlike in some of the stills from that first ever Mr. Universe competition.