Friday, January 22, 2010

Publication Alert! Classic Physique Builder Zine (CPBzine) Winter 2010 Issue!

(Photo Above: Classic Physique Builder Zine - CPBzine - Winter 2010 Issue, Mr America 1945 Clancy Ross on Cover!)

Hi Everyone,

The new Winter 2010 issue of Classic Physique Builder Zine (CPBzine) is now available! Distribution will begin today (Friday), within the next 24 hours, and may take a few days to complete.

Make sure that you turn off your spam filters - otherwise your system may prevent you from receiving our pdf file. Also, make sure you have at least 10MB of space available in your mailbox - because our pdf files is about that large.

If you have changed email addresses, please let us know so we can update our files and distribution list. It seems that gmail, hotmail, yahoo, comcast, verizon, aol, and a few other email systems work best for receiving our pdf files.

Here is the Table of Contents for the Winter 2010 issue:

Advice for Beginners from the Pre-Roid, Golden Age!
CPB Champions (Armand Tanny and Vince Gironda)
The Roots of Classic Physique Building: Maxick!
The Four Mr. Americas in Clothes!
Cheating Exercises for Bulk and Power! (for CPB Intermediates)
The History of Steroids
Questions and Answers
Nutrition Corner: Summer Reducing Diet
The Classic Physique vs. the Hulk-Like Physique: Back Size & Shape
Book Review: Bodybuilding Anatomy
CPB Champions Hall of Fame: Reg Park
Classic Female Physiques (and How to Build One)
Science & the Golden Age: Be Careful of Research Reports
What the Golden Age Champs Measured: Bert Elliot
George Eiferman's Advanced Routine (for CPB Advanced Trainers)
Pictorial: George Eiferman
Net Roundup: News from Here, There, and Everywhere
Golden Age Magazine Gallery: Muscle Power magazine

Well, we hope you like this issue! Feel free to comment and post your reactions here on CPB Blog! We would love the feedback!

Thanks to Dr. Casey Butt, Ibrahim Ozcam, and Steven Banks for their contributions to this issue!

- CPB (Anthony)

P.S. For a free 1 year subscription to Classic Physique Builder Zine (CPBzine) - a pdf zine (i.e., "do-it-yourself" magazine) patterned after the muscle mags of the pre-roid Golden Age of Bodybuilding (of the 1940s and 50s), just email your name, the name of your city (not your actual address), state/province, and country to us at That's it! Any info you send us is strictly confidential. We don't share info with anyone. So you won't get on any unwanted lists or received any unwanted, automated email (even from us)!


K'n Gourou said...

again you did a wonderful job here! great magazine with interesting articles, advice, great photos,...

Johnny G said...

I like this recent issue - I feel sometimes there is to much discussion on steroids - realizing that complaining to us is like preaching to the choir(we are with ya against drugs)- sometimes I feel we all get lured into looking at Classic Physiques as just bodybuilders, but I view them as more complete physical culturists and had more complete lives - it saddens me to see in this climate of we have to have it now that we miss the beauty of training and living a healthy life style - when I go into a gym all I see are head phone sets on and no interaction with each other(no exchanging of ideas) - I'm not gay, but I miss when gyms were seperated my gender - All this coed stuff bothers me, maybe I'm just to old school but I feel most gyms cater to much to the average Joe & Jane and not enough to hard training -I'm just spouting off at this time - miss the old days of the dirty dungeons - still like seeing all of you trying to keep a healthy era alive by this website - keep up the good work