Thursday, September 13, 2007

Classic Physique Supplements of the Golden Age of Natural Bodybuilding

Just what supplements were available during the Golden Age of Natural Bodybuilding? Well...we won't give a comprehensive list in this post. However, flipping through the May 1953 issue of Joe Weider's Muscle Power magazine we find ads for the following supplements:

1) Weider Hi-Protein Supplement (which included vitamins & minerals)

2) Weider Weight Gaining Supplement (which included vitamins & minerals)

3) Weider Reduce Aid Supplement (which also included vitamins & minerals)

4) Dr. Tilney's Goat Milk Capsules & Peppermint Tea

That's it! Just 4 ads for supplements in the entire 82 page issue! Quite a difference from today's bodybuilding magazines where it's hard to find the real articles among all the supplement ads and/or hard to tell the ads apart from the articles.

Take a look at Reg Park (Mr. Universe) on the cover (above photo) of the May 1953 issue of Muscle Power and just think - it was possible to build that physique without the high-tech supplements of today! For the average guy that goes to the gym who can't afford to spend an entire paycheck on supplements, this should give you some much-needed perspective and hope! With some basic protein supplements, vitamins & minerals, a good diet, proper training and rest, you can build an impressive, classic physique!


jon said...

Wow that guy looks great and with only 4 Supplements

- CPB - said...

Hi Jon,

Those were the 4 supplements advertised in that issue which indicates what was available at that time. However, that doesn't mean that he (Reg Park, Mr Britain 1949 & Mr Universe 1951 is on the cover) used all 4 of those supplements. We doubt that.

It just shows you the truth about supplements despite all the "hype." The truth is you don't need modern supplements to build a classic physique!

A good protein powder might be convenient (but not necessary) and a good multivitamin (with minerals) would be helpful. But that's really it! We will post more on this soon.

All the best,