Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Classic Physique vs. The "Hulk"-like Physique: Traps and Neck Appearance

Another point to consider in comparing the classic physique with the "Hulk"-like physique is the development of the traps and its effect on neck appearance. Not only do over-developed traps make the shoulders appear "rounded" and more narrow, but they also "swallow" and hide the neck making the head appear to be directly attached to the torso.

Compare the photos above (left: Ronnie Coleman, Mr Olympia; right: Steve Reeves, Mr Universe). Who has a neck and who doesn't? Which physique is naturally more attractive? Whose physique would you rather have?

A column-like neck that measures the same as the upper arm and calves is one of the hallmarks of a classic physique.

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Johnny G said...

I read somewhere that the average Classical Physique bodybuilder from years past was only roughly 25lbs of muscle heavier then the average Joe -still 25lbs is a lot of steak and I feel that is sensible - when you see Ronnie Coleman who is about 100lbs over an ideal Classical Bodybuilder's weight then there is the problem - Coleman goes about 5'9" or so and about 295lbs+ this is just INSANE - but this is what our society is today and that is the more extreme the better - time for us to drop it down a notch or two to bring make sanity - we do need leaders to tell our country that it should not be normal to be obese - we need better guidlines from our leaders to stop a society from killing themselves for quick fixes when it comes to health - none of these drugs to lose fat, but a healthy exercise programs with sensible diets - we are truly an impatient country or better yet world - what can I get as sone as possible - time for SANITY to prevail again and maybe this site can help (