Monday, March 2, 2009

Publication Alert: Classic Physique Builder (CPB) Zine is Now Ready!

(Photo above: Finalized Premier Issue Cover of Classic Physique Builder (CPB) Zine)

It's done! The first issue of Classic Physique Builder Zine (CPBzine) is finally done and ready for distribution! We decided to get "ahead of the curve" and make our debut as the Spring 2009 issue (instead of being behind the curve with a Winter 2009 issue).

We want to thank all of our CPB readers for giving us the inspiration to do this. We hope that you will like it. As we said before, it is inspired and patterned after the muscle mags of the Golden Age. So if you have never seen a 1940s or 50s copy of Your Physique, Muscle Power, Muscle Builder, Mr. America, etc, then this will give you a little "flavor" of how muscle mags used to be!

Here is the Table of Contents for Vol. 1, No. 1:

What is a Classic Physique?
CPB Champions of the Golden Age
Steve Reeves' Beginning Workout Routine (for CPB Beginners)
The CPB High Intensity/Low Volume Principle for Building Mass (for CPB intermediates)
Joe Weider: The Father of Classic Physique Building
The Golden Age of Classic Physique Building: An Overview
Questions and Answers
Nutrition Corner
Steve versus Sergio: The Ideal and Disproportionate
Move Past Sticking Points in Your Training!
CPB Champions Hall of Fame: John Grimek
Classic Female Physiques
Classic Muscle Movies: "Hercules" Starring Steve Reeves
What the Golden Age Champs Measured: Reg Park
CPB Champ Allan Paivio's Favorite Training Routine (for CPB advanced trainers)
Pictorial: Steve Reeves
Golden Age Magazine Gallery: Your Physique

This first issue of CPBzine is 30 pages long - small compared to today's muscle mags. But it is not filled with ads! We only have a few ads for our "coming soon" CPB courses. For this year, we will probably stick with 30 pages because it keeps it easy for you to print out and staple! But over time, if it looks like it is catching on, then the issues may grow!

To get your one year, free subscription, all you have to do is send us an email at this special address: Please let us know your name, city, state (or province), and country and we will enroll you for a one year's free subscription! Anyone who enrolls with us will also be eligible for a 10% discount on all CPB Golden Age Muscle Building Courses as they become available! (They aren't available yet, but we are working on them!) Feel free to send copies of CPBzine to your friends, but then ask them to enroll with us so they can get their one year free subscription and discounts as well. All your emails will be handled personally by us (this is not an automated email address - we hate those!).

Once we receive your email, we will personally reply and send you a pdf copy of CPBzine - it is as simple as that! Any personal info that you send to us (name, city, country) will be kept strictly confidential. We are not a typical commercial enterprize that will sell email addresses, etc. You won't get any spam or get on any unwanted lists because of us. CPB is simply a small, do-it-yourself endeavor. We aren't professional magazine editors or journalists or lay-out artists or writers or advertising people. It is just us, our expanding Golden Age Library, our computer, and a couple of programs we know how to use (inspired by an 18-year old Joe Weider and his rented typewritter with which he created the first issue of his Your Physique magazine at the beginning of the Golden Age).

The info we request from you just helps us keep track of how many people are interested in CPBzine and from what parts of the world they are from! We hope that the CPB movement will one day be a world-wide movement. Right now, this is a small, "underground-type" movement because we are definitely going against the grain of the modern, mainstream bodybuilding world. But we hope that this may be the small beginnings of a new Renaissance of Classic Physique Building! We are all in this together and only your participation will help make it possible! So we are grateful to all of you CPB readers!

So email us right away at and get your free, 1 year subscription and the first pdf issue of CPBzine. Print it out (you can print page 2 on the back of page 1, page 4 on the back of page 3, etc - that is how it is intended), put 3 staples in it, read it, share it with your friends, and please let us know how you like it! You can send your comments to the same gmail address above or, better yet, post them on our CPB Blog!

We hope to create the feeling that this is collectively OUR alternative zine, OUR alternative blog, OUR alternative media - not captive to the typical supplement advertisers who are trying to shove their products down your throat (literally) with images of steroid-users!

Thanks again to all of you who, with your inspiration, gave us the motivation to do this!

All the best,


P.S. Please Note: We've just edited this post (2/2/09 12:37 pst) and will be using our gmail address instead of our hotmail address. If you sent in your request to our hotmail address that is OK. But we will be replying with our gmail account. VERY IMPORTANT: The pdf file is about 10 MB (pretty big), so you have to make sure that your email account has enough room to accept this file. Hotmail accounts may experience some trouble (they might not accept large files). If your account can't receive our file, we will notify you. You can then probably set up a gmail account (we know that gmail can handle such large files) or give us another email account for you that you know will accept large attachments. Sorry for any inconvenience, but we are just learning how to do this! You see, we really aren't professionals at this! :)


Ibrahim said...


I can´t believe it.

Anonymous said...

Hi all !
I spread the news to all Italian BB forums, mailing list, aficionados, etc, I know. This means at least some hundreds of potential readers!
Hope it will help!

thank you again,
Anonymous from Italy (by the way, my name is Andre ;-) )

Anonymous said...

thanks alot guys, its great,,, i was tired of reading roid rage mags finally somethin a little to my liking

- CPB - said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the comments! We encourage all our CPBzine subscribers to post their comments and feedback on how they like the premier issue!

And thanks Andre from Italy for spreading the word!

We aren't out to convert hardcore mainstream bodybuilders to our way of thinking. But we hope that CPBzine can be the flagship and CPB Blog can be the rallying point for all those people interested in building classic physiques naturally that feel they don't have a place or voice in the mainstream bodybuilding world! Here, at CPB, you are a first class citizen!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for this great site and the magazine. Im 17 and now decided I am going to pursue building a Classic Physique the Natural way. Thanks again for all of this Information.

Matt from Canada

- CPB - said...

Hi Matt,

Your welcome! And we are glad you have decided to become a classic physique builder! It is the best of all worlds - who would ever regret having a classic physique, health and vitality, and a noble, uplifting way of life!

All the best,


Kay said...

This site is one of the best things that could happen to bodybuilding! Seriously.

- CPB - said...

Hi Kay,

Thanks for your support!

We think we are simply voicing what many people feel and what many would like bodybuilding to be again!

Until now, we've all been "captive" to the mainstream bodybuilding mags and their steroid-oriented message (whether overt or implicit). So we finally had enough and instead of waiting for the mainstream mags to return to sanity, we decided to offer an alternative ourselves. And why not? This is the age of alternative media!

With the help of people like you, we all can create our own world of "real bodybuilding" (classic physique building) as it was in the pre-roid Golden Age and as it could be again!

All the best,