Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thanks to All the Early CPBzine Subscribers Across the World!

(Photo Above: Steve Reeves - The Inspiration of All Classic Physique Builders!)

CPB would like to thank all the early subscribers to CPBzine! It's only been a week since we released the premier issue and we already have subscribers from all around the world. These are the following countries represented by our CPB subscribers so far:

New Zealand
South Africa
and St Marteen Island (Caribbean)!

Our movement may be small now, but we are - even at this beginning - apparently a world-wide movement thanks to you!

We really believe that most people who take up weight training are really looking to build a classic physique and are not interested in pharmaceutical-based, mainstream bodybuilding or the extreme physiques that it produces. If you believe this, then help us spread the word wherever you are in the world, so that more people will realize that you don't need drugs or you don't need to spend all your money on modern supplements in order to build the classic physique of your dreams, and that classic physique building is a healthy way of life that can benefit all.

Thanks again to everyone! We hope you are enjoying CPBzine! We welcome any constructive comments and feedback that you may have. We want to improve CPBzine with each issue. So your feedback is most valued!

All the best,


P.S. We are exploring better ways to distribute CPBzine. But so far, the gmail system seems to be the one that works.


Luis said...

No guys, thanks to you. the idea to build and exercise the body is to achieve something "nice" no something like hulk, plus you save a lot of money...
thanks again guys...


Ibrahim said...


like Luis said thanks to to guys.
But it´s unbelievable to have people with the same interests or feelings about training on this site.

We will bring the Classic back!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a great magazine! I like it very much, I already read it 3 times! Can't wait for the next magazine.

indeed we will bring the Classic back!!!