Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Classic Physique Building Champ Melvin Wells - the "Buffalo Hercules"!

(Photo Above: CPB Champ Melvin Wells - Mr. New York State 1949)

Another pre-roid, Golden Age champ who is not well known is Melvin Wells. He was born 1919 and died 1994. He was from Buffalo, New York and was known as the “Buffalo Hercules” in honour of his hometown.

Melvin was Mr. New York State 1949 and won the “Most Muscular” title in the Mr. America competition of that year. He also placed 2nd (behind Jack Delinger) in the Mr. America 1950 contest and was Mr. Strength and Health 1951.

Perhaps the most inspirational thing about Melvin Wells is that he did not begin training in the most modern or optimal facilities. He built his classic physique through pure determination and made the best out of his situation. When he began, he actually trained with large rocks in an unheated garage!

This should motivate people who, for example, cannot afford a gym membership or are training at home. You don’t have to use the best equipment etc. The best or optimal gift you have is not your “good” genes for building a muscular body. You don’t have to have any forefathers who were strongman, wrestlers etc. The most irreplaceable gift you have is your health and determination.

That may sound odd, but does it not all start with health and determination? Because with these, you can make the best out of your situation – even if you must start training at home with large rocks!

- Ibrahim, CPB Contributor

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