Sunday, June 21, 2009

Publication Alert: Classic Physique Builder (CPBzine) Summer 2009 Issue is Out!

(Photo Above: Classic Physique Builder (CPBzine) Summer 2009 Issue

Hi Everyone,

Classic Physique Builder (CPBzine) Summer 2009 Issue has just been sent out! So, for you CPB subscribers, you should find it in your email inbox now. If, for some reason, you haven't received your copy, please email me and let me know.

Since CPBzine is provided as a free service (for the foreseeable future), our only "payment" is your feedback, comments, and reactions! So please let us know how you like it! If you comment on CPB Blog (e.g., as a response to this post), then it may be helpful to other people who are thinking of subscribing.

We would very much like to encourage anyone who is interested in any aspect of pre-roid, Golden Age classic physique building to sign up for a subscription!

Thanks to everyone for your support!

CPB (Anthony)

P.S. For a free, 1 year subscription to Classic Physique Builder (CPBzine) - a pdf zine patterned after the muscle mags of the pre-roid Golden Age of the 1940s and 50s - just send us your name, the name of your city (not your address), state or province, and country. That's it! Any info you send us is strictly confidential. We don't share our info with anyone and you won't get on any lists or receive any unwanted, automated emails (even from us!).


Ibrahim said...

I got to say that the Zine was a great read. Although i did not read everything. I liked the Advices of Clancy Ross and the "Nutrition Corner". The several routines were also fantastic. I think a must is a meal plan of a CPB.
Could it be that Zabo had several meal plans? I read an article of Strength & Health that Zabo ate 2 meals a day.
The Comparison between the mainstream and the CPB´s were funny and very shocking. I can´t understand why i did not notice this before how ugly the mainstreamers look. I mean just look at the ab size. They look like people who suffer from Muscular Obesity :)
I heard a story one time, from a personal trainer back then when i trained at the commercial gym. First i was astound when he said that Gunter Schlierkamp was there. 135 kg of pure muscular bodyweight when he´s in shape. And then he told me after a short visit in the basement area he went upstairs and to take a seat. The funny thing however, he was breathing like just made a marathon or particpated in an Ironman competetion :)

Anyway great work, it´s very good that you give much details on workouts and diets of the CPB´s.

Dzenan said...


looks like a good issue, I haven't been able to read it all yet, however, I believe there is a mistake on p18 about Phil Marano. The short snipped states that he gained the weight in 7 months (50 lbs) but that's a little unrealistic when you look at the pictures. You see that he's much older in the after picture and the stats below the pictures state measurement which are about 2.5 to 3 years apart, may be it was 27 months? This would be more sensible, if you take into account that naturally,you are only supposed to gain about 1 lb of muscle a week + some water and glycogen stores, and may be little bit of fat.


- CPB - said...

Hi Dzenan,

Thanks for your comment!

There is no typo in the article on Phil Marano. We reprinted the article just as it appeared in Iron Man magazine during the pre-roid, Golden Age. However, let me make a few observations.

This article was written by Peary Rader, the founder of Iron Man magzine. In the pre-roid Golden Age of the 1940s and 50s, Peary was known as a "straight shooter." Unlike Weider and Hoffman, who were given to some exaggeration, Rader had the reputation of just "telling it like it is." So I believe the information presented in the article is accurate.

Regarding the "before" and "after" picture, the quality, lighting, and angles of the two pictures is a bit different - so I don't think it is too easy to tell age difference in the pictures. When I look at it, it is believable to me that the pictures represent Phil from 7 months to 2 years later (I don't think there is a larger age difference than that).

It is hard to tell from a photo, but it looks like he gained mass over all parts of his body - shoulders, arms, chest, thighs. So I can believe there is a 50 lb difference there. In his "before" picture, he actually looks anorexic! He looks much healthier in the "after" picture.

Regarding the weight gain of 50lbs in 7 months. This is entirely plausible. The "rule" of 1 lb a week, is just a general guideline for people of normal weight. But people who are severly underweight as he was (at 6'1 and 128 lbs) are known to be able to gain weight at a much faster rate than normal when their nutrition is corrected and they start weight training properly, etc. So this is not remarkable to me. Such cases were fairly common in the Golden Age. At that time, being "underweight" was a problem for many people as opposed to the modern problem of being "overweight."

The intent of the column (What Gains Can You Expect from Golden Age Training) is to show some real cases of people (who are not competitive champs) who improved their physiques through pre-roid, Golden Age training. Each case will be a bit different. But it is hoped that such cases will be inspirational and, at the very least, show that you don't need steroids or even high-tech modern supplements to make great gains!

Your questions were very good! I hope you found something helpful in my response! :)

All the best,

CPB (Anthony)

- CPB - said...

Hi Ibrahim,

Yes...Zabo did have several meal plans. He also had a 2 meal a day plan as well. We will continue to cover nutrition, diet, and meal plans in CPBzine!

All the best,

CPB (Anthony)

Dzenan said...


I guess it is possible, just rare. And genetics could play a factor as well. Either way, it is encouraging and inspirational as well that you can make such a transformation so quickly and naturally!

Ibrahim said...

Another story is about J.C. Hise.
He gained 20 pounds in 6-8 weeks on the breathing squat program.
BUT: Strength author David Gentle says "The often early-quoted example of Joseph Hise and his squats and weight gain experiment fails to mention that Hise used to lay in bed most of the day."
So if can effort such a life style especially financially, then you will build muscle so fast that everyone thinkgs you´re on steroids.